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Bc sex sales and if I posted a pic with a sweater no1 would read this shitt but now that I have your attention! Its World Mental Health Day! — I’m deciding to make a decision to share something personal. It’s a long read but I think you will find some worth out of it. ___ My close friends and family know that every Wednesday I make it a point to see my therapist. I struggle with high anxiety some depression, and ADHD. So I experience very extreme highs and very extreme lows. — You know social media only shows the best highlight reel of peoples life. I try to be the best authentic self I can at all times, but of course I am not perfect. This was one of the major factors of why @dashdoesit and I created a film to touch on our passions but with a purpose. Acting, Social media, and mental health. We linked up with nami charity @namicommunicate as today the sucide and depression rates are at an ultimate high. __ If you didn't know the short film we made @jadedpicturesfilm touches on social media and how people are comparing their lives to social media when 9/10 the shit just ain't real. Its an entertaining dramedy that follows the life of two high profile celebrities as it takes you through whats really going on behind the gram. As Dash would say “most people are living for the camera but dying behind the scenes.” ___ I myself struggle with comparing my life to others and asking myself where did I go wrong? Am I not good enough? Pretty enough? Etc... _ Just so you know you can look at my pics and think damn shes killing it but some days its hard to even get out of bed when my depression and anxiety are knocking at my door. Im not always killing it and thats the honest truth. You guys see the triumph but the shit that goes on behind closed doors you would be like well damn! ___ With this being said I want you to take today to celebrate you. You are your own superpower. You are not alone and just know some of the people you look up to go through the same shitt you experience they just dont talk about. - Sending lots of love! Celebrating today bc today is a special day for me

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