Unknowing at the time, when I had a MySpace account in 2007 through 2009, I was being stalked by Organzed Stalkers. These stalkers include Rappers and other celebrities. MySpace was used as a tool for Organized STalkers to gather information about Targeted Individuals.

MySpace ended up falling and almost collapsing. I wonder if this is because they refused to work with Organized Stalkers r some other reason regarding Organized Gang Stalking.

Facebook is being sued by the U.S. government and state-level governments who claim that Facebook is a corrupt entity running some type of monopoly. One of the core purposes of facebook was to find and connect to people who you knew, either from grade school, college, or work. Facebook still tried to uphold this type of integrity be requiring people to use their real names. I noticed that people started having thousands of "friends". This was unusal, and people generally don;t have thousands of friends, especially Organized Stalkers who are rapists and murderers.