United States patents for technology and methods for Mind Control and Subliminal, Global Surveillance that may be used in Organized Gang Stalking.



Disclaimer: The following technologies and methods may not have been directly invented for Organized Gang Stalking. Some of them may have been invented (and or used) for real medical and therapeutic reasons.

Table of Contents

Subliminal Messaging

U.S. Patent # Description Inventor Filed Issued
4,395,600 Auditory Subliminal Message System and Method Rene R. Lundy 11/26/80  
4,616,261 Method and Apparatus for Generating Subliminal Visual Messages James R. Crawford, Michael H. Erb 10/17/83  
4,692,118 Video Subconscious Display Attachment Richard E. Mould 1/28/86 9/8/87
4,734,037 Message Screen J. Patrick McClure 2/21/86  
4,777,529 Auditory Subliminal Programming System Richard M. Schultz, Raymond Dolejs 7/21/87 10/11/88
4,821,326 Non-Audible Speech Generation Method and Apparatus Norman MacLeod 11/16/87  
4,924,744 Apparatus For Generating Sound Through Low Frequency and Noise Modulation Kimio Yamamura 8/9/88  
5,017,143 Method and Apparatus for Producing Subliminal Images Alan Backus and Ronald Popeil 4/4/89 5/21/91
6,426,919 Portable and Hand-Held Device for Making Humanly Audible Sounds Responsive to the Detecting of Ultrasonic Sounds William A. Gerosa 1/4/01  
5,027,208 Therapeutic Subliminal Imaging System Joseph J. Dwyer Jr, Loy R. White, Matthew K. Haggerty, John A. Purbrick 1/16/90  
5,128,765 System for Implementing the Synchronized Superimposition of Subliminal Signals Robert T. Dingwall, Howard T. Bellin 11/29/88  
5,134,484 Superimposing Method and Apparatus Useful for Subliminal Messages   6/1/89  
5,159,703 Silent Subliminal Presentation System, Oliver M. Lowery, 12/28/89 5,170,381 Method for Mixing Audio Subliminal Recordings   Eldon Taylor, James R. Woodhams 11/22/89  
5,175,571 Glasses with Subliminal Message Faye Tanefsky, Michael R. McCaughey 1/11/91  
5,194,008 Subliminal Image Modulation Projection and Detection System and Method William L. Mohan, Samuel P. Willits, Steven V. Pawlowski 3/26/92  
5,215,468 Method and Apparatus for Introducing Subliminal Changes to Audio Stimuli Martha A. Lauffer, Donald K. Lauffer 3/11/91  
5,221,962 Subliminal Device Having Manual Adjustment of Perception Level of Subliminal Messages Alan L. Backus, Ronald Popeil, Casey Walsh, Jerry Lawson 8/14/90  
5,224,864 Method of Recording and Reproducing Subliminal Signals That are 180 Degrees out of Phase Steven Vavagiakis 3/25/91  
5,245,666 Personal Subliminal Messaging System Bruce T. Mikell 6/6/91  
5,270,800 Subliminal Message Generator Robert L. Sweet 8/28/90  
5,644,363 Apparatus for Superimposing Visual Subliminal Instructional Materials on Video Signal Talbert Mead 3/24/95  
5,539,705 Ultrasonic Speech Translator and Communications Systems M. Alfred Akerman, Curtis W. Ayers, Howard D. Haynes 10/27/94  
6,052,336 Apparatus and Method of Broadcasting Audible Sound Using Ultrasonic Sound as a Carrier Austin Lowrey 5/1/98  
6,122,322 Subliminal Message Protection Magnus Jandel 5/13/99  

Implant & Nano Technology

U.S. Patent # Description Inventor Filed Issued
5,211,129 Syringe-Implantable Identification Transponder Vern Taylor, Daniel Koturov, John Bradin, Gerald E. Leob 1/25/91  
3,951,132 Implant and Implanting Method Louis Bucalo 5/15/74  
5,522,865 Voltage/ Current Control System for Human Tissue Simulator   10/12/94  
5,629,678 Personal Tracking and Recovery System Paul A. Gargano, David H. Gilmore, Frank A. Pace, Lee Weinstein 1/10/95  
5,868,100 Fenceless Animal Control System Using GPS Location Information Robert E. Marsh 1/30/97  
6,014,080 Body Worn Active and Passive Tracking Device Hoyt M. Layson, Jr. 10/28/98  
6,067,474 Implantable Device with Improved Battery Recharging and Powering Configuration Joseph H. Schulman, Robert Dan Dell, Alfred E. Mann, Michael A. Faltys 7/31/98  
6,164,284 System of Implantable Devices for Monitoring and/or Affecting Body Parameters Joseph H. Schulman, Robert Dan Dell 3/25/98  
6,205,361 Implantable Expandable Multicontact Electrode Janusz A. Kuzma, Carla M. Mann 1/29/99  
6,175,764 Implantable Microstimulator System for Producing Repeatable Patterns of Electrical Stimulation Gerald E. Loeb, Frances J. R. Richmond 1/25/00  
6,214,032 System for Implanting a Microstimulator Gerald E. Loeb, Frances J. R. Richmond 1/25/00  
6,239,705 Intra Oral Electronic Tracking Device Jeffrey Glen 4/19/00  
8,447,392 Brain-Machine Interface Systems and Methods Rodolfo R. Llinas 7/11/07  

Electronic Surveillance

U.S. Patent # Description Inventor Filed Issued
5,551,016 Monitoring System and Interface Apparatus Therefor Gerald E. Leob, Roy A. Young, Kevin H. Hood 7/1/93  
7,076,441 Identification and Tracking of Persons Using RFID-Tagged Items in Store Environments John R. Hind, James M. Mathewson, Marcia L. Peters 5/3/01  
6,947,978 Method for Geolocating Logistical Network Addresses Stephen Mark Huffman, Michael Henry Reifer 12/29/00  
7,805,291 Method of Identifying Topic of Text Using Nouns Sidney Berkowitz 5/25/05  
8,479,225 Social and Interactive Applications for Mass Media Michele Covell, Shumeet Baluja, Michael Fink 11/27/06  
8,959,573 Noise, Encryption, and Decoys for Communications in a Dynamic Computer Network Wayne B. Smith, Charles Powers, Ellen K. Lin, Christopher T. Dowin, Ryan E. Sharpe 5/1/12  
US 2008/0220749 Acquiring Identity Parameters by Emulating Base Stations Andrew Paul Pridmore, Paul Maxwell Martin, Riki Benjamin Dolby 9/11/08  

Directed Energy Weapons

U.S. Patent # Description Inventor Filed Issued
3,566,347 Psycho-Acoustic Projector Andrew E. Flanders 2/23/71  
4,349,898 Sonic Weapons System William Drewes 11/9/78  
5,774,088 Method and System for Warning Birds of Hazards Melvin Kreithen 5/8/97  
4,959,559 Electromagnetic or Other-Directed Energy Pulse Launcher Richard W. Ziolkowski 3/31/89  
5,864,517 Pulsed Combustion Acoustic Wave Generator John B. Hinkey, Joseph T. Williams, Thomas R.A. Bussing 3/21/97  
5,973,999 Acoustic Cannon John T. Naff, James H. Shea 9/29/97  
8,049,173 Dual Use RF Directed Energy Weapon and Imager Kenneth W. Brown 5/17/07  
US 20160375220 A1 Method to maintain peace through electromagnetic energy targeted to the brain Joel Steven Goldberg 3/01/2016  

Neural Monitoring

U.S. Patent # Description Inventor Filed Issued
3,753,433 Electroencephalophone and Feedback System Frank Bakerich, Robert T. Scully 1/18/71  
4,354,505 Method of and Apparatus for Testing and Indicating Relaxation State of a Human Subject Kazumasa Shiga 10/19/82  
3,951,134 Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves Robert G. Malech 8/5/74  
4,958,638 Non-Contact Vital Signs Monitor Steven M. Sharpe, Joseph Seals, Anita H. MacDonald 6/30/88  
4,699,153 System For Assessing Verbal Psychobiological Correlates Howard Shervrin, William J. Williams, Robert E. Marshall 4/23/85  
4,951,674 Biomagnetic Analytical System Using Fiber-Obtic Magnetic Sensors Michael F. Zanakis 3/20/89  
5,392,788 Method and Device for Interpreting Concepts and Conceptual Thought from Brainwave Data and for Assisting for Diagnosis of Brainwave Dysfunction William J. Hudspeth 3/3/93  
5,458,142 Device for Monitoring a Magnetic Field Emanating from an Organism Edward J. Farmer, Diane J. Hovey 3/19/93  
5,507,291 Method and an Associated Apparatus for Remotely Determining Information as To Person’s Emotional State Robert C. Stirbl 3/5/94  
5,522,386 Apparatus Particularly for Use in The Determination of the Condition of the Vegetative Part of the Nervous System Eduardo N. Lerner 4/29/92  
5,557,199 Magnetic Resonance Monitor Joseph D. Bowman, Daniel P. Engel, III 4/29/94  
5,649,061 Device and Method for Estimating a Mental Decision Christopher C. Smyth 5/11/95  
5,922,016 Apparatus for Electric Stimulation of Auditory Nerves of a Human Being Hermann Wagner 1/26/96  
6,006,188 Speech Signal Processing for Determining Psychological or Physiological Characteristics Using a Knowledgeable Base Rostislav Bogdashevsky, Vladimir Alexeer, Vitaly Yarigin, George Baker, Harrison Stanton 3/19/97  
6,011,991 Communication System and Method Including Brain Wave Analysis and/or Use of Brain Activity Aris Mardirossian 12/7/98  
6,292,688 Method and Apparatus for Analyzing Neurological Response to Emotion-Inducing Stimuli Richard E. Patton 2/28/96  
6,842,637 Magnetic Field Measurement Apparatus Keiji Tsukada, Akihiko Kandori, Tsuyoshi Miyashita, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Hitoshi Sasabuchi 9/10/01  
US 2010/0234697 Systems, Devices, and Monitoring a Subject Timothy J. Walter, Uma Marar 4/29/08  
4,408,616 Brain Electrical Activity Mapping Frank H. Duffy, Norman D. Culver 5/15/81  

Mind Manipulation

U.S. Patent # Description Inventor Filed Issued
3,712,292 Method and Apparatus for Producing Swept Frequency- Modulated Audio Signal Patterns for Inducing Sleep John E. Zentmeyer Jr. 7/20/71  
3,727,616 Electronic System for The Stimulation of Biological Systems Herbert Lenzkes 6/15/71  
3,782,006 Means and Methods to Assist People in Building Up an Aversion to Undesirable Habits Eliot N. Symmes 5/26/72  
3,884,218 Method of Inducing and Maintaining Various Stages of Sleep in the Human Being Robert A. Monroe 9/30/70  
4,141,344 Sound Recording System Louis J. Barba 5/2/78  
4,227,516 Apparatus For Electrophysiological Stimulation Bruce C. Meland 12/13/78  
4,315,502 Learning-Relaxation Device Denis E. Gorges 10/11/79  
4,335,710 Device for the Induction of Specific Brain Wave Patterns John D. Williamson 1/16/80  
4,388,918 Mental Harmonization Process Charles C. Filley 6/5/81  
4,508,105 Shadow Generating Apparatus Glen A. Whitten 8/8/83  
4,573,449 Method For Stimulating the Falling Asleep And/or Relaxing Behavior of a Person and an Arrangement Therefore Egon F. Warnke 3/8/83  
4,664,117 Apparatus and Method for Generating Phosphenes Stephen C. Beck 10/9/84  
4,834,701 Apparatus For Inducing Frequency Reduction in Brain Wave Kazumi Masaki 6/24/85  
4,858,612 Hearing Device Philip Stocklin 12/19/83  
4,877,027 Hearing System Wayne B. Brunkan 6/6/88  
4,889,526 Non-Invasive Method and Apparatus for Modulating Brain Signals Through an External Magnetic or Electric Field to Reduce Pain Elizabeth A. Rauscher & William L. Van Bise 11/13/87  
5,036,858 Method and Apparatus for Changing Brain Wave Frequency John L. Carter 3/22/90  
5,076,281 Device and Method for Effecting Rhythmic Body Activity Benjamin Gavish 4/16/91  
5,101,810 Apparatus and Method for Therapeutic Application of Vibro-Acoustical Energy to Human Body Olav Skille, Steinkjer, Svein Sorsdal, Trondheim 4/16/90  
5,123,899 Method and System Alerting Consciousness James Gall 1/17/91  
5,135,468 Method and Apparatus of Varying the Brain State of a Person by Means of an Audio Signal Juergen P. Meissner 8/2/90  
5,151,080 Method and Apparatus for Inducing and Establishing a Changed State of Consciousness Claus Bick 8/28/90  
5,123,899 Method and System for Altering Consciousness James Gall 1/17/91  
5,135,468 Method and Apparatus of Varying the Brain State of a Person by Means of an Audio Signal Juergen P. Meissner 8/2/90  
5,151,080 Method and Apparatus for Inducing and Establishing a Changed State of Consciousness Claus Bick 8/28/50  
5,213,562 Method of Inducing Mental Emotional and Physical States of Consciousness, Including Specific Mental Activity, In Human Being Robert A. Monroe 4/25/90  
5,289,438 Method and System for Altering Consciousness James Gall 4/13/92  
5,219,322 Psychotherapy Apparatus and Method for Treating Undesirable Emotional Arousal of a Patient Lawrence R. Weathers 6/1/92  
5,304,112 Stress Reduction System and Method Theresia A. Mrklas 10/16/91  
5,330,414 Brain Wave Inducing Apparatus Mitsuo Yasushi 2/11/92  
5,352,181 Method and Recording for Producing Sounds and Messages to Achieve Alpha and Theta Brainwave States and Positive Emotional States in Humans Mark E. Davis 9/2/92  
5,356,368 Method of and Apparatus for Inducing Desired States of Consciousness Robert Monroe 3/1/91  
5,479,941 Device for Inducing Altered States of Consciousness Michael Harner 10/18/93  
5,480,374 Method and Apparatus for Reducing Physiological Stress Robert C. Van Dick 3/28/94  
5,495,853 System for Evoking Electroencephalogram Signals Mitsou Yasushi 9/14/94  
5,551,879 Dream State Teaching Machine Arthur D. Raynie, Raul G. Rodriguez, Gary L. Forister, Alexander B. Crawford 9/16/94  
5,562,597 Method and Apparatus for Reducing Physiological Stress Robert C. Van Dick 8/1/95  
5,586,967 Method and Recording for Producing Sounds and Messages to Achieve Alpha and Theta Brainwave States and Positive Emotional States in Humans Mark E. Davis 6/27/94 12/24/96
5,595,488 Apparatus and Method for Monitoring and Improving the Alertness of a Subject Eli Gozlan, Kiryat Motzkin, Shlomo Breznitz, Haifa, Dan Nir, Haifa Sharon Erlich 8/4/94  
5,954,629 Brain Wave Inducing System Masatoshi Yanagidaira, Yuichi Kimikawa, Takeshi Fukami, Mitsuo Yasushi 1/31/97  
5,954,630 FM Theta-Inducing Audible Sound and Method, Device and Recorded Medium to Generate the Same Kazumi Masaki Osamu Matsuda 9/14/94  
6,135,944 Method of Inducing Harmonious States of Being Gerard D. Bowman, Edward M. Karam, Steven C. Benson 11/6/98  
6,219,657 Device and Method for Creation of Emotions, Akemi Hatayama 3/13/98  
6,430,443 Method and Apparatus for Treating Auditory Hallucinations Manuel Karell 8/6/02  
6,488,617 Method and Device for Producing a Desired Brain State Bruce F. Katz 10/13/00  
8,636,640 Method and System for Brain Entertainment Daniel Wonchul Chang 4/11/09  
6,729,337 Method and System for Generating Sensory Data onto the Human Neural Cortex Thomas P. Dawson 1/28/03  
7,988,613 Method and Apparatus for the Treatment of Physical and Mental Disorders with Low Frequency, Low Flux Density Magnetic Fields Paul Becker 4/14/10  
US 2003/0171688 Mind Controller Jae Sup Yoo 7/19/02  

Nervous System Manipulation

U.S. Patent # Description Inventor Filed Issued
2,995,633 Means For Aiding Hearing Henry K. Puharich & Joseph L. Lawrence 9/25/58  
3,156,787 Solid State Hearing System Henry K. Puharich 9/25/58  
3,170,993 Means for Aiding Hearing by Electrical Stimulation Joseph Lawrence 1/8/62  
3,835,833 Method For Obtaining Neurophysiological Effects Aime Limoge 9/21/72  
3,967,616 Multichannel System for And A Multifactorial Method of Controlling the Nervous System of a Living Organism Sidney A. Ross 9/5/74  
4,034,741 Noise Generator and Transmitter Guy Emery Adams & Jesse Carden, Jr. 2/17/76  
4,082,918 Audio Analgesic Unit Roland Wan-chan Chang & Charles A. Graves 1/21/77  
4,191,175 Method and Apparatus for Repetitively Producing a Noise-Like Audible Signal William L. Nagle 1/16/78  
5,935,054 Magnetic Excitation of Sensory Resonances Hendricus G. Loos 6/7/95  
6,091,994 Pulsatile Manipulation of Nervous System Hendricus G. Loos 8/31/98  
6,167,304 Pulse Variability in Electric Field Manipulation of Nervous System Hendricus G. Loos 6/17/99  
6,238,333 Remote Magnetic Manipulation of Nervous System Hendricus G. Loos 8/10/99  
6,506,148 Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields from Monitors Hendricus G. Loos 6/1/01  
6,939,288 Auditory Therapy Systems Impacting the Nervous System Yakov I. Levin 12/26/96  
4,800,893 Kinesthetic Physical Movement Feedback Display for Controlling the Nervous System of a Living Organism   6/10/87  

Behavior Modification

U.S. Patent # Description Inventor Filed Issued
4,717,343 Method of Changing a Person’s Behavior Alan B. Densky 6/30/86  
5,784,124 Supraliminal Method of Education with Particular Application Behavior Modification Joseph Anthony D. Alitalia & Talbert Mead 6/11/96  
5,868,103 Method and Apparatus for Controlling an Animal Randal D. Boyd 6/30/97  
6,258,022 Behavior Modification John Edward Rose 1/15/99  
6,039,688 Therapeutic Behavior Modification Program, Compliance Monitoring and Feedback System Peter Douglas, Evan Dudik, John Evans & A lan Kritzer 10/31/97  

Artificial Telepathy

U.S. Patent # Description Inventor Filed Issued
3,629,521 Hearing Systems Henery K. Puharich Ossining and Joseph L. Lawrence 1/8/70  
3,647,970 Method and System for Simplifying Speech Waveforms Gillis P. Flanagan 8/29/68  
4,858,612 Hearing Device Philip L. Stocklin 12/19/83  
4,877,027 Hearing System Wayne B. Brunkan 6/6/88  
6,587,729 Apparatus For Audibly Communicating Speech Using the Radio Frequency Hearing Effect James P. O’Loughlin & Diana L. Loree 4/24/02  
5,047,994 Supersonic Bone Conduction Hearing Aid and Method Martin L. Lenhardt, Alex M. Clarke & William Regeison 11/2/90