Wolfe, who had filed two noise complaints against his neighbors, both unfounded, a month earlier, told police, and later psychologists, that he believed they were working with the deep state and sleeping in shifts elsewhere and were being paid to prevent him from sleeping.



Wolfe, according to documents read by Bridenstine, said this had been happening for 10 years and it didn’t matter where he lived but the Walkers, as well as previous neighbors, had all been out to get to him and would deliberately harass him through making loud noises and banging on walls and slamming doors. He even moved from his previous residence to try to get away from the harassment, he told doctors.

Wolfe said had not slept more than an hour in a night as long as he could remember, and that he was often followed by cars that didn’t have license plates as well. He said the government would also try to psychologically manipulate him through select music that was being played.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Jeffry Wendt wrote in his report for the state that Wolfe suffered from pervasive and severe paranoid schizophrenia. Wolfe, in his interviews with Wendt, according to the report, told the doctor he had purchased the weapon used to kill the Walkers in 2014 from a store in Oshtemo Township. He bought it after his father died, he told the psychiatrist, because he was afraid a hitman had been hired to kill him.

Wolfe told police he did not think of consequences when he killed the couple, but just 'wanted it to stop.'

Wolfe told emergency dispatchers that he had shot and possibly killed his neighbors. He then told dispatchers he had his firearm on him and wanted to give himself up peacefully to the deputy, which he did, Bridenstine read from the report. Wolfe told a responding deputy that he never intended to hurt anyone, but he just wanted to be left alone and for the noises to stop.

Wolfe, Bridenstine said, believed the government would beam thoughts into his head via a satellite or cell tower and that people were constantly attempting to break into his home. He apparently had hours of recordings when he thought he caught them attempting to break in, but when he would play them back and hear nothing, he came to the conclusion that the government was using technology to erase the recordings.

He had tried, at one point to sleep in a tent in a park to get away from his neighbors, but the nearby satellite kept him awake, he told one of the psychiatrists.