This article aims to expose this city for what its inhabitants are and top connect it, with our perceived connection, to Organized Gang Stalking.



This page not complete but is published to expose the type of environment and the type of people in the this environment in the context of negativity, criminality and corruption.

high suicide rate


suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in Oregon -

high property crime rate

was a leading origin of searches on Google for the terms "gang stalking" and "organized stalking"

google trends "gang stalking"


subregion - 2004 to present

metro - 2004 to present

2004 - metro 

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Sex Industry

Portland’s legal commercial sex industry is the biggest per capita in the country, according to a report by researchers at Willamette Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic. 

The city has more strip clubs per capita than glittery Las Vegas, and a tolerant attitude toward sex, both legal and illegal.